I got my impacted wisdom tooth removed few days ago. They were able to squeeze me in their busy schedule due to my insurance changing by the end of the month. They were all so nice and quick. The staff were courteous and amazing. Dr. Falke was awesome. He explained everything before the procedure and gave great instructions after the procedure. He was also talking to me during the procedure to make sure I am aware of what’s happening and to check if I’m doing okay. They were able to remove the impacted tooth quick and pain-free. I didn’t feel a single thing. Great facility and staff! Would 100% recommend!
Jan M.
Lovely staff and the doctor is totally cool.👍
barbara b.
10/10 would recommend, gave me my teeth back after wisdom teeth surgery
Spoon G.
I had four of my wisdom teeth extracted today, which were feeling super painful walking in. Kasandra was a wonderful assistant and Dr.Falke and his team took wonderful care of me. Know that you are in great hands in this office. Will 100% recommend everyone to come here!
Karla G.
Wow what an amazing office! Everyone is so incredibly friendly and they put on whatever music you would like in each room. Dr. Falke is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met and extremely smart. And a bonus is that their office is beautiful! Definitely recommend!
Meg J.