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You may not have ever heard of a Frenectomy, but if you’re seeking orthodontic treatment, you may have to undergo one of these not often heard of treatments. A frenum is typically hidden in the top and bottom lip, connecting your inner lip to the gum line. When there is not enough supplemental gingiva, coupled with a high frenum, it can result in pulling on the patients’ gumline, causing recession of the affected area. It’s important to note that an excessively large frenum may not allow the front teeth to come together, resulting in a gap between the front teeth. If the frenum is so prevalent that it is causing the teeth not to come together, it will be surgically released from the gums with the frenectomy procedure. When a patient’s orthodontic treatment has been outlined, the surgical removal of the frenum (with or without the need for a gingival graft) can drastically improve the success of the final result.