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Info for Referring Doctors

I am committed to providing your patients with exceptional care. To me, this means treating them with Compassion, making them feel Comfortable, and using Expertise in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. I offer you a similar partnership, based on mutual respect, care, and professionalism. I am here to support you and join in your efforts to provide your patients with exceptional treatment towards outstanding results. As we move forward together, I would appreciate feedback that helps me more uniquely meet your needs.

There are two things that set me apart as an oral and facial surgeon. First, my motto isn’t just a catchy tagline. I really will treat your patients with compassion and friendliness. I enjoy nothing more than meeting new people and appreciate how each person influences my life. Second, my residency at Loma Linda University in oral and maxillofacial surgery was comprehensive. Between covering four hospitals, two clinics, and both ENT and OMFS services, I am confident in applying full-scope oral and facial surgery.